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Fine art

Bildende Kunst

By "fine art" one understands artistic objects like pictures or sculptures; in other words, things that have been produced in the intention of nice esthetic. They are also called "visual arts", maybe because if you call a work of art “fine art” it will not mean that only objects that we consider subjectively “beautiful” count as art and not the rest...
In addition to painting and sculpture, the art genres of the fine arts also include architecture, drawing, graphics, photography and handicrafts. All of these art movements count among the "fine arts", which have an effect on the viewer only through their spatial-physical structure, and generally do not need an interpreter to convey their message.

The first works of art may safely be credited to the Cro-Magnon man, who has immortalized himself on the walls of his living caves. He painted on the protruding rocks everything he saw and impressed him. One recognizes in the colored paintings that have survived the millennia, different animals and even whole hunting scenes.