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What is a superstar? Could it be that this term has recently been worn out with the help of the shows "Pop Idol” or the german counterpart “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”? Let's take a look at the lexicon: The term "super" comes from Latin and means colloquially:.....

Never again acting school!

At some point I had the fixed idea to go to an acting school. I surfed the internet and picked one out. In any case, they were all expensive. I called and got a performance date. The semester already ran, but there were still places left and they were still looking for students......

Music – wasn´t that something fort the ears?

Unfortunately, nowadays only emphasis is placed on the look. Musicians and singers who come too much in the face with too big a body mass index and three wrinkles will hardly get a chance anymore. This is because music is mainly sold on television and most people do not care about sound anymore because they have never heard of a well-produced record from a decently matched system with the right speakers.....