Circle of Music and Art


Music – wasn´t that something fort the ears?

Unfortunately, nowadays only emphasis is placed on the look. Musicians and singers who come too much in the face with too big a body mass index and three wrinkles will hardly get a chance anymore. This is because music is mainly sold on television and most people do not care about sound anymore because they have never heard of a well-produced record from a decently matched system with the right speakers.
Today, the music comes from the tiny pegs of an MP-3 player. The sound is flat, squishy, just lousy and has absolutely nothing to do with music anymore. The sound is literally raped and when the ears are already losing, then the consumer wants at least something nice for the eyes. So you put us young, immature chicken and cheeky "Checker" in front of the nose, so you have at least something to look at.
I have the bad suspicion that today only a single target group is served. Namely, the generation of cellphone draggers and “what´s apper”, who have already ruined their ear with plugs that have been rationalized away from music lessons at school and thus have never learned to appreciate good music because they have never heard of it.
What is with us "old" who still know how to properly set his surround system and still have speakers in the living room, where at 75 db not all the same cardboard fly away? We still know how well mixed sounds sound, we can still distinguish between individual musical instruments and hear them out. We do not just hear the drums and the lyrics. We also pay attention to the artfully set nuances in between and it really does not matter what the guy looks like, who rubs on the guitar or how wide the singer's butt is, who puts everything she has in the mic and uses the technique to the utmost, until the red lights flicker!
Which of the singers who show off their art today has already managed to sing three microphones scrap-ready on a evening? Where should the thin figures take the power? The Weather Girls can do that.
But who gives a newcomer who weighs more than 50 kilos a serious chance today? They only serve as a joke, no matter how well they sing. At this point, exceptions confirm the rule. Unfortunately, there are still too few.
I hereby submit an official complaint! On behalf of all music lovers older than 30 years, I demand new music from new people. I'm not in the mood for the covert crap that keeps pouring us down! I want to hear music from people who, with the necessary respect, sincerity and passion, practice their art and do not hear again the twelfth sucked-out infusion of a number that I have stood on the shelf in much better, sonic quality since time immemorial! Perhaps still performed by a person who does not focus on art but on being in the limelight.
What does such a young person, who is only two years out of puberty, (if any) want to convey in his songs? He has really nothing to tell, what I'm interested in or where I could feel clean! Even if an experienced songwriter pushes such a chick a great text on the eye, I do not take it from him or her! It just is not believable.
I want the spent, a bit shaggy "old cracker" with the guitar in front of something too big belly! He is not beauty but he has the soul! If he sings something about to be left, then I believe him. He did not tune his guitar to barré and can play chords for which there are no notes. In his band plays a pianist and the strings are not coming from the keyboard. Unfortunately, he gets no engagement, because he is over fifty and likes to wear jeans and leather. When he was younger, the job came first, because of the family. Now he has time. He has endlessly collected material in his eventful life of which he could tell us. Great songs, moving and profound. But now no organizer wants him on the stage. Because he is too old and does not conform to the usual ideal of beauty. That's why he did not pass the face check. Nobody ever heard him. What a tragic, regrettable mistake. You do not know what escapes you every day!

Text: Nadja von der Hocht