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What is a superstar? Could it be that this term has recently been worn out with the help of the shows "Pop Idol” or the german counterpart “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”?
Let's take a look at the lexicon: The term "super" comes from Latin and means colloquially:
"Excellent" - "very good" - hard to beat "-" first class "-" great "... Well? ... does he notice something?
A superstar was once an artist who was very, very clearly lifted from the enormous mass of his colleagues. There were very few superstars because they were much, much better and more successful than the others. The term "superstar" is a superlative, the highest level of increase. The superstar is well above average and is unbeatable.
So - and now we come from theory to practice: Currently, if you can believe because the media, Simon Cowell and Dieter Bohlen, tons of young superstars gymnastics on British, German and other stages around. They can all sing pretty, have talent and are even attractive. They mainly sing songs from other artists. They do not write anything of their own. Most do not even know an instrument! They imitate cheekily others and call themselves anyway "superstar”?!
Let me tell you clearly: If these little mayflies are all superstars, what is Madonna or Joe Cocker or Blessed Michael Jackson ?! You do not want to put these unique superstars on a par with our little casting wonders, right? Does a new term have to be found for real superstars or are there different categories? How do you distinguish between superstars by name, who write their own lyrics and songs and have to convey a message from those who copy everything like cute, trained monkeys and partly even do not even think about the content of the song they are after? Does somebody has an idea?
Let's take another look at the lexicon. Between "super", "superlative", "superpower", "supermarket" and "super smart" we actually find the "superstar". The superstar is defined today as "very successful person in show business". Aha! If there was not one or the other casting fly of the day, it was not a bit of an overzealous thing to ennoble yourself as a superstar. Who is a true superstar and who is not, determines the time alone. For only those who succeed in staying in business for decades with their own belongings is a true superstar. The rest runs under "ran away", is thoroughly chewed by the music industry and then spat out. No one knows her tomorrow or does anyone still know who last year was the "superstar”?
Something is going very wrong. Does it have to be that way? Is not that different? There is no doubt the world is full of young talents with fantastic voices. Why must they all be so mercilessly burned and thrown to the greedy, insatiable entertainment industry ?! How about giving these young talents the chance to grow up by themselves and over time? For example, by giving the talented copywriters and songwriters among us, whom no-one knows, the chance to be successful as well, by writing their own lyrics for the young "stars" they represent and thus making them credible to the public on stage. In this way, the young artists themselves can learn to navigate the music business and decide for themselves what they want to sing and what they want to tell the audience. I do not think any of the big bosses made it so clear to a young person who's suddenly known and has fans who adore him that it's a big responsibility. Other young people set an example for him and emulate him in everything he thinks and does. Is not it better that you can express your personal style with conviction instead of having your managers, producers and record bosses dictate what you should wear, say and sing?!
The only responsibility our young "superstars" have is to choose the right cover song from those proposed to them. Of course, there are only titles to choose from, which at some point were very successful. So the young people are attached to the old masters. Because that promises success. The risk of falling through the audience would be far too great, if one would decide to carry a completely unknown, own title.
But that's what the true superstars do! They take a risk with each new release. Either the song is a success or not. Either they stay at the top or they are in danger of being forgotten. The superstar is characterized by many achievements, few flops, a lot of hard work and even more enthusiasm for his art. The young singers in the casting shows are not even given the opportunity to take a risk. And unfortunately they never really get to know the audience, because they have never revealed anything about themselves.
Covering also needs to be learned. Cover does not mean singing, but to interpret a previously released, well-known song completely different. And actually covern can afford only a real superstar, because he has already done something and thus cannot be judged by the "old stuff" of others.

Text: Nadja von der Hocht